Coin Master Golden Pass

Coin Master Golden Pass Event

Interested in the Coin Master Golden Pass Event? Wondering how to take part and what it’s all about? You’ve come to the right place!

In this quick guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Golden Pass event. The Golden Pass is a special feature in Coin Master that offers exclusive rewards and bonuses to players who participate. To activate it, you typically need to purchase the Golden Pass using in-game currency or real money. Once activated, you’ll unlock a series of rewards as you play the game.

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What is Golden Pass Event ?

Coin Master Golden Pass Rewards

The Golden Pass event in Coin Master becomes available once you’ve completed 120 villages. It’s a special event that runs for a limited time, typically offering exciting challenges and rewards. During this event, players are given specific missions to complete in order to earn rewards such as spins, coins, pet food, and more.

There are two main types of passes you can choose from during the Golden Pass event: the Free Golden Pass and the Premium Golden Pass. The Free Golden Pass is available to all players and provides access to a set of rewards. On the other hand, the Premium Golden Pass, which costs $14.99 (price may vary by region), offers all the rewards from the Free Pass plus additional exclusive rewards that are only available to Premium Pass holders. These exclusive rewards can include rare cards, special chests, and more valuable prizes that can help you progress faster in the game.

Choosing between the Free and Premium passes depends on your preferences and how much you want to invest in the event. It’s a great opportunity for players who have reached the milestone of 120 villages to enhance their gameplay experience and collect valuable items that may not be easily obtainable through regular gameplay.

Remember, participating in the Golden Pass event is a way to challenge yourself with new tasks while earning rewards that can boost your progress in Coin Master. Keep checking out for when the event becomes available to make the most of this exciting opportunity!

How do I Activate a Premium Pass?

The Free Golden Pass in Coin Master is open to everyone, but to upgrade to the Premium Pass, you must activate it. Tap on the Golden Pass icon in the game and choose the Premium Pass option. Above the Premium Pass, look for a green “Activate” button or a similar option. Clicking this will guide you to make the payment for the Premium Pass. Once payment is completed, your Premium Pass will be activated.

Once you have the Premium Pass activated, you can start completing daily missions. These missions unlock rewards from the Golden Pass, including special premium rewards. Keep completing these daily tasks to maximize the benefits of your Premium Golden Pass.

What are Golden Pass Event Rewards

When you take part in the Golden Pass event, you can win a variety of rewards like Village Mania, Ultra-Attack, Stickers, Chests, Cards, Rare Cards, Coin Craze, Missing Cards, Thor’s Wheel Tokens, Gems, and Spins. These rewards are available to all players who participate.

If you upgrade to the Premium Pass, there’s an exciting bonus waiting for you: a Joker Card as a special final reward. This card is particularly valuable in the game. With such a wide range of rewards, the Golden Pass event offers something valuable for every player, making it both rewarding and fun to participate in.


The Golden Pass events in Coin Master are a great chance to get special rewards. Choosing the Free Golden Pass is good if you want to improve your game. But if you’re looking for really rare items, go for the Premium Pass. It depends on what you want to achieve in Coin Master.

Let us know in the comments which pass you’re using for the Golden Pass event. Also, check out our FAQ section to see all the important details we’ve covered. Whether you want Village Mania, strong attacks, stickers, chests, cards, rare cards, coin bonuses, missing cards, Thor’s wheel tokens, gems, spins, or even a Joker Card for Premium Pass holders, the Golden Pass event has something for everyone.


Is golden pass event in coin master free or paid?

Both the Free and Premium Golden Passes are open to all Coin Master players. If you want special rewards such as More spins,Joker Card,coins and other special bonuses, you have to buy the Premium Pass. Getting the Premium Pass also means you get all the rewards that come with the Free Pass.

Who can participate in the Golden Pass event?

The Golden Pass event is available to all Coin Master players. Anyone can join the free pass but users need to purchase the premium pass to unlock more benefits.

What is the difference between the Free Golden Pass and the Premium Golden Pass?

The Free Golden Pass provides basic rewards, while the Premium Golden Pass, available for purchase, offers additional perks. Premium Pass holders also receive a Joker Card as a special reward upon completing the event.

How do I activate the Golden Pass?

To activate the Golden Pass, tap on the Golden Pass icon in the game and select the Premium Pass option. Follow the prompts to make the purchase if you choose the Premium Pass.

What rewards do you get from the Golden Pass event?

Participants in the Golden Pass event can earn extra spins and other valuable rewards such as Joker Card,coins and other special bonuses from the event.

What is a Joker Card, and why is it special?

A Joker Card is a rare and valuable item in Coin Master. It helps players complete card collections more quickly, which can get more spins as rewards and progress in the game.

How long does the Golden Pass event last?

The Golden Pass event typically runs for a limited time, during which players must complete challenges and missions to earn rewards before the event concludes.

Where can I find more information about the Golden Pass event?

For more details about the Golden Pass event, including how to participate and what rewards are available, check out the in-game announcements and the Coin Master support or FAQ section.

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