Coin Master Wildland Adventure

Coin Master Wildland Adventure Event Guide

Wildland Adventure event in Coin Master rewards players with a lot of rewards like Free spins, chests, joker card, seasonal chests and much more. As you progress the reward get higher with grand prize of up to 250K free spins on completing the all 4 maps. No matter if you’re just started playing or have been playing for a while, this event combines strategy with exploration. This guide will help you understand how to join the event, Tips and Tricks, and how to earn Coin Master Free Spins, coins, and other valuable rewards.

About Wildland Adventure Event

Wildland Adventure in Coin Master is a limited-time event which lasts for 30 days, and has total 4 maps and grand prize of up to 250K Spins when you complete it and a lot of rewards at each stage as you make progress. You have to remove obstacles by using Potions to make progress on map and collect rewards. The Tree of Life helps you to make progress faster by giving you more potions every hour.

Getting Started: How to Enter the Wildland Adventure ?

To Enter the Wildland Adventure, you have to open Coin Master home screen and click on the wildland adventure icon on the right side below golden pass. This takes you to the Adventure’s main screen where you can see you progress, map of island, tree of life. Here your can also see upcoming rewards and obstacles, number of potions required to remove the next obstacle.

How to get Potions for Wildland Adventure ?

Potions are special items that required to make progress in the event. You can get these potions as rewards by completing tasks within the event, by purchasing them Gem market or collect free potion every hour from Tree of Life. To get more potion you have to level up your tree of life using seeds you get as reward on map.

Moving Forward in the Adventure

In Wildland Adventure, you use potions to clear obstacles to make progress on map. A progress bar tracks your advancement, showing number of cleared and remaining obstacles showing how close you are to completing current stage. Removing obstacles gives you many rewards such as free spins, Chests, Joker card, Gems, Diamond card and Seasonal Chests, also when you complete the current stage you get a mega prize which you can see on top at progress bar.

The Tree of Life: Source of Potions

When you start the adventure you get tree of life which gives you free potion every hour. You can access this magical tree by clicking tree icon on top right corner and level up this by using water you collect while making progress on map to get more potion every hour which goes up to 1 Million potion every hour at higher level.

Coin Master Wildland Tree of Life

Collecting Your Rewards

As you make progress on current Wildland Adventure map, dont forget to collect the rewards on map. In reward bag, you can see all the rewards you’ve collected while making progress. These rewards serve as a bonus for your progress and keep you motivated to complete each stage of the event.

The Wildland Adventure event is a limited time event, so make the most of it while you can. Make sure to play regularly and collect free potions from the Tree of Life every hour to make faster progress in the Adventure map. Active gameplay is key to gathering more potions.

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