Coin Master Team Castle

Coin Master Team Castle Event Guide

The Coin Master Team Castle event is an exciting way for players to work together, build a castle, and earn great rewards. This event is all about teamwork and strategy. Let’s dive into what this event is, how it works, and how you can make the most of it. Before that collect your daily Coin Master Free Spins and check our other Coin master Guide .

About Team Castle Event

Team Castle is a team event where all team members work together to build the castle item using special items called Ice Cubes. Ice Cubes are collected by attacking and raiding other players. Each build in castle gives reward to whole team and when you complete the whole castle you and your team gets Grand Prize.

Collecting Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes are needed for building your castle. You can get Ice Cubes by attacking and raiding other players. You get 1 Ice cube for each attack and 3 Ice Cubes for each raid, this number get multiplied when you are using spin multiplier and attack during attack master gives you 2x Ice Cubes.

Building Your Castle

Once you have enough Ice Cubes, start building your castle. Your team will need to decide together which part of the castle to build first. Use team chat to discuss which item to build first and make sure everyone is using their Ice Cube on same item. Each part of the castle requires certain number of Ice Cubes and when it’s complete all team member gets the reward. Building the castle is team work, so make sure you join the team discussion and use your ice cube to build the same item as other team members.

Check Castle Progress and Collect Your Rewards

Team Castle Coin Master Rewards

Leader board shows how many Ice Cubes each team member has used and how your team is doing compared to other teams and the current progress of your Team Castle. You can access leader board by clicking on Castle Banner on top of your team. Here you can see completed and pending builds, rewards available to claim and progress of team members to motivate them to play and contribute to team.

Get Castle Rewards

The main objective of Team Castle is to get rewards while being a good team player. You can get Coin Master Free Spins, Pets XP, chests with cards and Joker cards. If your team build all the castle items you get the Grand prize. You need to use minimum 2000 Ice Cubes to get the rewards from the castle. Make sure to use all your Ice Cubes before the event ends or they will melt away.

Important Notes

There are a few things to keep in mind during Team Castle event. If you leave your team in the middle of the event you will lose all the Ice Cubes you have collected and you won’t be able to join the event again until the next event starts. Even if you join a new team your progress and rewards will not carry over. So don’t leave your team until the current event is over. Also don’t forget to collect your rewards during the event or within 24 hours after it ends or you will lose them.

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