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Stars are not just beautiful celestial bodies that adorn the night sky. They are actually fascinating and complex entities with their own unique characteristics and behaviors. In this blog post, we will explore the nature of stars and what makes them so intriguing, particularly in relation to the popular mobile game, Coin Master. Whether you are an astronomy enthusiast or simply a casual player of Coin Master, this post will give you a fresh perspective on these shining orbs of light that have captivated human curiosity for centuries. So, let’s delve into the world of stars and discover what makes them so special!

Ways to Get Stars in Coin Master

One of the most important aspects of Coin Master is earning stars. Luckily, there are several ways to do so. The most obvious is building items in your villages. For each item you build, you earn a star. Similarly, upgrading your village also earns you a star per upgrade. You can also earn stars by attacking other players’ villages, with up to 3 stars available for a successful attack. If you’re really lucky, you can even hit three sheriff star symbols for a massive 10-star reward. Finally, cards and emotes can also offer stars as rewards. By taking advantage of all these methods, players can quickly accumulate stars and track their progress in the game.

Importance of Stars in Coin Master

The stars in Coin Master play a vital role in the game as they determine a player’s ranking on the leaderboard. The higher the number of stars a player possesses, the higher their rank. Asides from that, the number of stars collected throughout the game serves as a measure of progress and accomplishment. Thus, players can track their progress by monitoring the number of stars in their game profile. Additionally, having more stars gives players the option to buy chests to get their missing cards, which is essential for game progression. Therefore, it is imperative to collect as many stars as possible if players want to rank high on the leaderboard and maximize their game experience.

Earning Coin Master Stars through Villages

One of the most effective ways to earn stars in Coin Master is by building items in your village. Each item you build in the village rewards you with a star, allowing you to increase your ranking on the leaderboard. The more efficiently and quickly you build and upgrade buildings, the more stars you earn. It’s important to defend yourself against enemy attacks to prevent damage to your village, allowing you to maintain your progress and continue to earn stars. By completing your village, you’ll receive a box filled with special prizes and rewards, making it crucial to keep building and upgrading your village. Overall, earning stars through villages is a crucial aspect of Coin Master gameplay and should be a top priority for players looking to advance in the game. you may protect your village and save your coin just by using coin master

Using Stars to Rank on Leader Board

Using stars to rank on the leaderboard is one of the most exciting aspects of playing Coin Master. More stars mean a higher ranking on the leaderboard and bragging rights over your friends. The stars you earn through building items in your village can easily take you up above your competition. It’s not just about having more stars than others, but also maintaining your rank. The ability to see other players’ progression and where they stand in comparison to you offer a sense of competition that keeps players engaged. With the overview of progress that Coin Master stars provides, players can track their progress and know just how close they are to the next level. Overall, the importance of stars in Coin Master is immense when it comes to obtaining a high ranking on the leaderboard.

Tracking Progress with Coin Master Stars

Tracking progress with Coin Master stars is a great way to monitor your performance in the game. Stars are important in Coin Master as they help to rank players on the leaderboards. As you earn stars by upgrading your items and buildings in each village, you can keep track of your progress and aim to improve. It’s also helpful to link Coin Master to Facebook as this can earn you bonus stars, as well as allow you to share up to five cards with your friends each day. Through tracking your stars, you can determine if you need to focus on upgrading more items to reach a higher level in the game or if you can continue with your current strategy. By using stars as a measure of success, you can continually challenge yourself and improve your gameplay in Coin Master.

Benefits of Upgrading Villages for Stars

Upgrading villages in Coin Master has many benefits, including the ability to earn more stars. When players build and upgrade their villages, they not only increase their chances of defending against attacks, but also unlock new items and bonuses that can help them progress faster in the game. As players earn stars and climb the leaderboard, they also gain access to more rewards and opportunities to compete against other players. Upgrading villages also allows players to earn more coins, which they can then use to purchase cards and other items that can help them build even better villages. Overall, upgrading villages is essential for any player looking to succeed and earn more stars.

Linking Coin Master to Facebook for Stars

Linking Coin Master to Facebook is an easy and effective way to earn stars in the game. By connecting their Coin Master account to Facebook, players can invite their friends to play the game and earn 40 free spins for each friend who accepts the invitation. Additionally, once the player has connected to Facebook, they will receive notifications to collect daily free spins and other rewards. The social aspect of the game also happens through Facebook, allowing players to connect with their friends who also play the game. By linking their accounts, players open up a whole new world of opportunities to earn stars and advance in the game.

Cards for Chests and Stars in Coin Master

It is a great way to collect new cards and earn stars. By buying chests, players have the chance to get duplicate cards which determine how many cards they can trade for. The more stars a card has, the rarer it is, and the higher the chance of trading it for more cards. Chests also contain different numbers of cards, depending on their rarity level, with wooden chests having 2, gold chests having 4, and magic chests containing 8 cards. By completing card collections, players receive rewards and earn stars, which help them climb the leaderboard. It’s also worth noting that linking Coin Master to Facebook can earn players more stars. Overall, cards for chests and stars are crucial in progressing in Coin Master and achieving success in the game.

Overview of Progress with Coin Master Stars

As players earn stars in Coin Master, they can track their progress and move up on the leaderboards. Stars can be earned through various methods such as building items in villages, collecting cards, and using special emotes. By upgrading their villages and completing sets of cards, players can earn even more stars and climb higher on the rankings. Linking the game to their Facebook account can also provide additional stars and benefits. Overall, the accumulation of stars is an important aspect of the game as it signals progress and success within the Coin Master community.

Earning Stars through Item Upgrades

Earning stars through item upgrades is another effective way to increase your ranking. By applying stars to certain items through Essence Crafting at a Blacksmith, you can give them stat boosts. This helps you to progress more quickly through the game and defeat other players in attacks and raids. Additionally, building buildings in your village and upgrading them will earn you stars. By upgrading your buildings, you continue to climb the leaderboards and rise to the top of the game. Overall, earning it through item upgrades is a valuable strategy to maximize your progress in Coin Master.


Q: What are the stars in Coin Master?

A: Stars are one of the in-game currencies. They are used to progress through different levels and unlock new villages.

Q: How do I get stars?

A: You can get stars in Coin Master by completing different actions, such as building and upgrading structures in your village, spinning the slot machine, and attacking and raiding other players’ villages.

Q: What are the benefits of having stars ?

A: The main benefit of having stars is that they allow you to progress through the game and unlock new villages. Each village has its own set of rewards, such as free spins and coins.

Q: Can I buy stars with real money?

A: No, you cannot buy stars with real money. However, you can purchase other in-game currencies, such as coins and spins, which can help you earn stars faster.

Q: How many stars do I need to unlock a new village?

A: The number of stars needed to unlock a new village varies depending on the village. The number of stars required generally increases as you progress through the game.


In conclusion, for Coin Master players, stars are a crucial factor in tracking progress and ranking on the leaderboard. There are several ways to earn stars, such as building items in your village, upgrading buildings, and even attacking other players’ villages. Linking the game to your Facebook account also provides an opportunity to earn stars. With the addition of Cards for Chests, stars now have even more value, as they can be used to purchase chests for rare and valuable cards. By earning stars and advancing in the game, players can feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Overall, stars in Coin Master play a significant role in the game and are worth striving for.