what are attacks on coin master

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, online gaming has become a popular pastime for millions of people. One such game that has gained immense popularity recently is Coin Master. This online multiplayer game has captured the attention of gamers worldwide. Who engage in it to collect coins, build villages, and protect them from attacks. But just like any other online game, Coin Master is not immune to attacks from hackers and other malicious entities. In this blog post, we will explore what attacks on Coin Master.  How you can protect yourself from them. So, brace yourself as we dive into the world of gaming security and uncover the dangers lurking in virtual spaces.

Attacks in Coin Master: Facts and Tips

Attacks in Coin Master are an integral part of the game. By attacking another player’s village, a Coin Master player can earn coins and damage their opponent’s game progress. If three hammers appear on the slot machine, the player can initiate an attack. The best way to defend against attacks is by using shields, either earned through spins or by gifts from friends. Rhino Pet can also be used as a defense mechanism. To acquire gold, players must focus on both attacks and raids. It is recommended to allow attackers to come through, as it can lead to sweet rewards. Without shields, an attack can return an item one level back and remove a star from the attacked player’s total. Joining Facebook friends and millions of other players around the world in attacks, spins, and raids is the key to building a Viking village in Coin Master.

coin master attack madness
coin master attack madness

How to Attack Other Players’ Villages

To attack other players’ villages in Coin Master, players can choose their target from their friend list and select “Revenge” to send their army out for an attack. Alternatively, they can spin the clay hammer and select “Friends” to choose another player to attack. Attacking allows players to damage the opponent’s village and raid for coins. To make sure their own village is safe from attacks, players can switch to ghost mode. However, allowing attacks can also provide sweet rewards in Coin Master. It’s important to note that if a player is attacked and doesn’t have a shield, their hit item will be pushed back one level, and the star will be removed from their total. So it’s wise to always have a shield ready to avoid losing valuable items and progress.

Win an Attack Chance in Coin Master

To get a chance to attack other players’ villages in Coin Master, players need to have enough spins to spin the slot machine. When they get three symbols of a hammer, they will receive an attack chance. It’s important to remember that using slot machines involve luck, so players might need to spend more time spinning the slot machine to acquire attack chances. Getting attack chances is vital since attacking is one of the primary ways of collecting coins in Coin Master. And the more players attack, the more coins they’ll be able to earn. It’s advisable to bring along pets like the Tiger for better rewards during attacks and don’t forget to upgrade them regularly.

Ultra Attack in Coin Master: How It Works

Ultra Attack is a side event in Coin Master where players’ attack power is doubled for a short period. This temporary boost enables players to cause more damage and win more coins from attacking other players’ villages. The event is a great opportunity to stockpile coins quickly and to complete missions involving attacking. The event is typically announced in advance on the app, so players can prepare in advance for the upcoming Ultra Attack event. Understanding how Ultra Attack works can help players make the most of the event and maximize their rewards.

Damage Repair through Coins in Coin Master

When your village gets attacked in Coin Master, repairing the damage can be a frustrating task. However, with enough coins, you can easily repair the damage caused by attacks. In fact, using coins to repair the damage is one of the easiest ways to get your village back in shape after an attack. And, if you are lucky enough to win coins during the slot machine spins, you can pile up your coin stash to repair any damage caused to your village. Although it may seem like a costly affair to spend coins in repairing the damage – it is much better than having to rebuild your village from scratch!

Coin Master – Best Tips for Attacking

Coin Master players know that attacking is a key strategy to accumulate coins and advance to higher levels. To attack successfully, it’s important to have good shields and a Rhino pet to block village attacks. Additionally, Foxy is a great pet to use during raids since it maximizes your earning potential. Players should always ensure their village is well-built and protected with shields before attacking. Endless shots can be achieved by waiting for the perfect moment before spinning the slot machine. Thor Hammer Attacks are a great way to cause maximum damage to enemy villages. However, players should not forget that allowing attacks on their own villages can yield sweet rewards in the game. By following these tips, players can become master attackers in Coin Master.

Coin Master Attacks: Friends List Explained

In Coin Master, you can attack your friends’ villages for coins and damage their defenses. However, if you want to avoid being attacked. Then you can use the Ghost mode to keep your location hidden. You can also control who attacks you by managing your friend list. Typically, the lightning hammer randomly selects friends on your list to attack, but you can choose specific people to attack. You can also prevent certain friends from attacking you by removing them from your list. It’s important to note that after unfriending someone, it takes up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect. So, be sure to manage your friends list carefully to control your attacks and prevent attacks from others.

Sweet Rewards of Allowing Attacks on Coin Master

Allowing attacks in Coin Master may seem daunting at first, but the rewards are definitely worth it. When attacked, a player can earn coins, shields, and other items that are essential to building and upgrading their village. In fact, some players deliberately lower their shield defenses to invite attacks and collect these rewards. Additionally, if a player successfully defends an attack, they can earn even more coins and items. Allowing attacks also adds an element of excitement to the game, making it more thrilling and engaging. So don’t be afraid to lower your defenses and embrace the attacks – the rewards may surprise you! also learn about What Are Raids On Coin Master

Thor Hammer Attack in Coin Master

Thor Hammer Attack in Coin Master is one of the most thrilling experiences in the game. Getting an entire row of hammers on the spin machine triggers this attack, and it allows players to unleash their fury on other players’ bases. The hammer looks like the legendary hammer of Thor, and hitting a player’s base with it can cause massive damage. To avoid being attacked, players can either repair their bases with coins or keep playing to increase their level and shield count. Overall, the Thor Hammer Attack brings an exciting layer of strategy to Coin Master and keeps players engaged in the game.

Playing On as a Way to Avoid Attack in Coin Master

One effective way of avoiding attacks in Coin Master is to simply keep playing the game. By constantly spinning the slot machine and earning coins, players can upgrade their villages and defenses, making themselves less vulnerable to attacks. It may be tempting to stop playing and take a break after being attacked, but by doing so, players are essentially inviting more attacks. By staying active and building up their resources and defenses, players can deter potential attackers and make their villages less attractive targets. Of course, players should still use shields and pets like the Rhino to defend themselves, but by playing consistently, they can greatly reduce the risk of being attacked in the first place.


Q: How do you stop attacks in Coin Master?

A: To stop attacks in Coin Master, you can take a few different approaches. First, you can upgrade your defenses, such as your shields and pets, to make it harder for attackers to raid your village. You can also try to keep a low profile by not having too many coins on hand, as this can make you a target. Finally, you can join a strong Coin Master clan to get support from other players and increase your chances of surviving attacks.

Q: What is attack madness on Coin Master?

A: Attack madness is a special event in Coin Master where players can earn extra rewards by attacking other players’ villages. During this event, the amount of coins and spins you earn for each attack is increased, making it a great time to try and raid other players. However, it also means that you are more likely to be attacked, so be sure to take extra precautions to protect your village during attack madness.

Q: How do you progress fast in Coin Master?

A: To progress quickly in Coin Master, there are a few things you can do. First, focus on completing sets of cards to earn rewards and advance to new villages. You can also try to earn as many coins and spins as possible by attacking other players and spinning the slot machine. Finally, be sure to participate in special events like attack madness and Viking quests to earn extra rewards and move up the ranks faster.

Q: How do I stop friends from attacking me on Coin Master?

A: If you don’t want your friends to attack you on Coin Master, you can set your account to private or remove them from your friend list. To set your account to private, go to the settings menu and toggle the “Private Account” option on. This will prevent other players, including your friends, from being able to attack you. If you still want to play with your friends but don’t want to be attacked, you can try asking them to refrain from attacking you or agreeing on a truce where you both agree not to attack each other’s villages.


Coin Master is an exciting game that combines strategy and luck. Players collect coins and spin to build their own villages and attack other players’ villages to steal their coins. Winning an attack chance can be done by spinning the wheel and hoping for the best. Or by raiding other players’ fortunes. It is important to be mindful of your points before attacking other players’ villages to avoid losing your own fortune. Repairing your village after an attack spending coins. The game is also enhanced by playing with Facebook friends and allowing attacks, which can lead to sweet rewards.

Be on the lookout for the Thor Hammer attack, which can damage other players’ constructions and loot their coins. Playing on can be a strategy to avoid the attack. But it is important to keep collecting coins and spins to continue building your village. Whether attacking or defending, Coin Master offers a fun and addictive experience for players around the world.