How Do I Get Spins On Coin Master

Are you struggling to gain spins on Coin Master? If yes, then you’re in the right place. Coin Master is an extremely popular free-to-play mobile game that allows you to raid and attack other players to enhance your village. However, earning spins is crucial to progress through the game. In this blog post, we’ll help you discover various ways to get spins on Coin Masters. So, let’s dive in and learn how to get an unlimited number of spins on Coin Master!

Ways to Get Spins in Coin Master

There are several ways to get spins in Coin Master, and players can choose the method that works best for them. One way is to earn spins passively by leveling up their village and attacking the coin master. Another is by watching video ads, which can be limited depending on the daily quota. Additionally, spinning regularly is essential in case of email gifts, referral systems, and even the game’s hourly free spin feature. To get new spins, players can participate in in-game challenges and request daily spins from friends, or give and receive spins through Facebook. All these methods can help players to accumulate free spins and use them strategically to earn coins and advance in the game.

Earning Spins Passively in Coin Master

One of the most effortless ways to gain spins in Coin Master is through passive earning. Without doing anything, the game rewards you with five spins every hour. Additionally, you can store up to 50 spins in your account. The game also gives out free spins every 12 minutes. With this, you can keep returning to the game every 12 minutes to claim your free spin. Other ways of passive earnings include completing card sets and completing daily tasks. By opening chests and trading with other players, you can collect cards that reward you with spins. Passive earning may not give you a large number of spins, but over time they can accumulate and provide you ample opportunities to explore the game.

How Do I Get Spins On Coin Master
How Do I Get Spins On Coin Master

Free Spins and Coins for Coin Master Fans

For Coin Master fans, there are a variety of ways to earn free spins and coins. One way is to invite friends to the game, which not only provides you with more in-game connections but also rewards you with free spins. Watching video ads is another option, giving you access to a limited number of spins every day. Coin Master also has a referral system, which rewards new players with free spins if they sign up through a friend’s link. Additionally, signing up for email gifts can provide players with a daily haul of free spins. With these options and more, Coin Master fans can keep the slot machine spinning and continue building their Viking village without having to spend any real money.

Getting Free Spins Through In-Game Challenges

Another way to get free spins in Coin Master is by completing in-game challenges. These challenges can range from raiding a certain number of villages to collecting a specific number of cards, and often offer a reward of free spins. By participating in these challenges and completing the objectives, players can gather more spins without having to spend any money or wait for daily rewards. It’s a great way to keep the game interesting and rewarding, while also helping players progress through the different levels and villages. Plus, the satisfaction of completing a challenge and earning free spins is a great feeling!

Requesting Daily Spins from Friends

Another way to get more spins on Coin Master is by requesting daily spins from friends. Through the game’s request spin feature, players can ask their friends to send them one spin daily. Each friend can send one spin, which means players can collect up to 100 free spins per day from all their friends combined. So, it’s a good idea to invite as many friends as possible to your game. If you have an active roster of friends in Coin Master, sending spin requests and receiving spins is an easy and passive way to increase your spins without spending any money. Plus, if you have a lot of friends who play Coin Master, you can also gift each other spins and coins every day, which is a great way to help each other out.

Giving and Receiving Spins through Facebook

One of the best ways to obtain free spins is through Facebook. By connecting their account to Facebook, players can invite their friends to join and receive free spins as a reward. They can also request daily spins from their Facebook friends and send them spins in return. This is a great option to collect spins on a daily basis without spending any money. Additionally, players can trade cards and receive rewards from reward links posted on Facebook groups. By leveraging their social network, players can maximize their chances of obtaining free spins and advancing in the game.

How to Get New Spins in Coin Master

To keep playing Coin Master and building your village, you’ll need a steady supply of spins. So, how can you get new spins? One way is to wait for spins to refill over time. If you’re patient, you’ll get new spins automatically. However, if you don’t want to wait, players can also purchase spins with real money. But if you don’t want to spend any money, there are other ways to get new spins in Coin Master. For example, when you enter a new village, you’ll receive a Wooden Chest containing a few cards and spins. Additionally, players can earn free spins through in-game challenges or by requesting daily spins from friends on Facebook. Finally, players can give and receive spins through Facebook, which allows them to help each other continue playing Coin Master. With these methods, you’ll have more spins to help you advance through the game and build the ultimate Viking village.

Using Free Spins to Earn Coins in Coin Master

One of the best ways to use your free spins is to earn coins. After all, you’re going to need coins to build and upgrade your village. With every spin, you have the chance to earn coins or other rewards. So make sure you take advantage of every free spin you get. You can also watch ads to earn additional spins, which can help you accumulate coins even faster. By using your spins wisely and focusing on earning coins, you can set yourself up for success. So keep spinning and building, and before you know it, you’ll have the greatest village in all the land!


Q: What is Coin Master?

A: Coin Master is a popular mobile game where players build their villages, attack other players’ villages, and spin a slot machine to earn coins and other resources.

Q: How do I get spins on Coin Master?

A: You can earn spins in a few different ways. One way is to wait for the game to give you free spins every hour. Another way is to complete missions and quests in the game, which can reward you with spins. You can also purchase spins using real money.

Q: Are there any cheats for getting free spins on Coin Master?

A: No, there are no legitimate cheats or hacks that can give you free spins. Any website or app that claims to offer free spins is likely a scam or could compromise your account’s security.

Q: How many spins can I get in Coin Master?

A: The number of spins you can get in Coin Master varies depending on your level and how much you play the game. Generally, you can earn a few spins every hour or so, but you can also purchase spins using real money.

Q: What are some tips for getting more spins in Coin Master?

A: One tip is to connect your game account to Facebook, which can earn you bonus spins. Another tip is to complete all of the game’s missions and quests, which often reward you with spins. You can also ask your friends to send you spins as gifts.


In conclusion, there are several ways to get spins in Coin Master, which can help players progress in the game and build their game villages. Players can earn spins passively by using apps like Spin Collect, or they can earn them through in-game challenges or by requesting daily spins from friends. Players can also give and receive spins through Facebook and earn free spins by watching video ads provided by the game. Using free spins to earn coins is another way to progress in the game. By implementing these methods, players can enjoy the game without having to spend money on spins regularly. Overall, with the combination of luck and strategy, players can aim to become the best Coin Master in the game.

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